Advisory Committee Committee Signup

Your collaboration will be vital for h+h americas, and our Advisory Committee members will play a key role in developing many aspects of the show. Below, you’ll find descriptions of our four committees, including an estimated time commitment for each one.

Attendee Committee
This committee will support the h+h americas team by providing guidance and suggestions on how best to reach the target audiences of the event. This committee will meet once a month to review the planned outreach programs, develop a VIP attendee program, suggestions on special programs to help drive attendance. We also need the committee’s assistance to spread the word about attending h+h americas next June.

Social /Networking Committee
This committee will provide direction and planning to develop the social aspects of the event further—Meet-up during the show, meet-ups at nights, speed networking topics, and more. We will seek the support of this committee to help guide the h+h Americas team to connect with organizations that can be good supporting partners. This committee will meet approximately once a month.

Conference Program Committee
This committee will create the business education and hands-on demonstrations at h+h americas, working collaboratively with Craft Industry Alliance. The majority of the work will take place from September 2021-January 2022. We anticipate meeting (virtually) every other week with some legwork to be done by members between meetings.

Diversity and Accessibility Committee
This committee will ensure that h+h americas is showing that truly reflects the rich history, diversity, and cultures of craft. We anticipate that the committee will meet monthly from September 2021-March 2022.