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Each person that attends h+h americas will help our industry move forward to new heights. h+h americas gives our community the opportunity to find solutions, tap into the latest industry trends and connect in-person & online. h+h americas 2024 will include new product launches, demos, networking opportunities, and top-notch education.

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We’re exhibiting at @hhamericas – visit us at ! #hhamericas #seeyouathha24 #meetlive #fiberarts #yarn #smallbusiness

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Don’t miss [COMPANY NAME] at @hhamericas starting May 1st in Rosemont. DM us to get a FREE exhibit hall admission. #seeyouathha24 #meetlive #fiberarts #yarn #smallbusiness

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  • h+h americas takes place June 21-23, 2023 in Rosemont IL, minutes from O’Hare international airport.
  • B2B event for anyone making a living through crafts.
  • New annual meeting point for the industry.
  • International event with 30+ exhibiting countries.
  • Full exhibit days on June 21, June 22 and 23.
  • Conference program organized by the Craft Industry Alliance.
  • Check out website for discounts on hotels travel and activities:
  • In person event and digital platform available.
  • Registration opens on March 15th
  • Looking forward to gathering in person again (tag someone you are looking forward to meet at h+h americas)
  • Grow your network and business at h+h americas
  • Check out the floor plan:
  • Check out the special exhibit options.

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