Collaboration is Key!

My Two Ladies Knitting | Virtual

Designer: Alexis Mantione/Rosann Fleishchauer


Collaboration is the key to success for independent and smaller businesses. My Two Ladies Knitting is not a designer, rather a manufacturer of patented tools. Can’t display a mannequin with tools, so I decided to dress my display with a few of the businesses I work with to help keep my brand where I want it to be. In turn, we support each other, share connections, give and take advice, and always in a non-adversarial manner. Thus, Collaboration is Key!

Bucket hat, Tote Bag: Beth Van, Haven Handmade,

Shawl and shawl pin: My Two Ladies Knitting, Exclusive Collaborative Kit –

Tank Top: Roseann Fleischauer, First Bye Designs,

Blanket: Lois Blanchard, Crochet Fabric,

Espadrille Sandals: Blanche Selikoff Rosenblatt,