Botan from Yuyu Hakusho

Con of Pros and Cons Cosplay

Photo credit: Eleksin Photography

Con is the younger half of the cosplaying duo Pros and Cons Cosplay. She/They is a multi-award winning, Master level cosplayer, judge, and contest director from the midwest region of the United States. Con loves most elements of cosplay construction, but has a particular fondness for projects that involve unconventional crafting methods, as well as wig styling. They believe in the power of education, and hosts workshops and panels that cover cosplay crafting, cosplay contest etiquette and judging, DEI and other topics in the cosplay community. They are passionate about creating a more inclusive cosplay community through education, policy assessment, and advocacy for marginalized communities.

In her nearly 20 years of experience in cosplay, Con has appeared domestically and internationally in both virtual and in-person environments to showcase how wonderful and transformative cosplay truly can be! Con has also worked with crafting and supply companies to produce tutorials, and workshops including Arda Wigs and Famore Cutlery.