‘Empress Palpatine,’ original design based on Star Wars

Diana ‘Binkxy’ Tolin

Photo credit: Alexandra Lee Studios

Diana Tolin has been an award winning cosplayer and member of the Anime/Pip culture industry for almost 30 years. She has worked with some of the largest companies and conventions in the world including Marvel Entertainment, Nintendo of America, Square Enix, Aniplex, Anime Expo and World Cosplay Summit. She has represented and been the organizer of the World Cosplay Summit USA and now works directly with WCS Inc. as a member of their staff where she uses her knowledge of the cosplay community to support cosplayers from around the world. She has brought multiple international cosplay events to the United States and as the Director of Cosplay at Holiday Matsuri, has helped to develop the Winter Cosplay Championship, the largest qualifier of international cosplay events in the United States. She has been a guest curator and speaker for the world of cosplay and has worked with Japan Foundation New York and the Japan Information and Cultural Center, Embassy of Japan in Washington DC. It is her pleasure to join H&H Americas as a host on behalf of the cosplay community!