Din D’Jarin from The Mandalorian

Harrison Designs and Concepts, Inc (HDC)

The details needed to take that childhood dream and bring it in to our world are what is truly loved with our craft. Be it for a commission for a fellow fanboy or a movie production, some extravagant piece of armor or a small locket from a favorite game, the same amount of research, dedication, sweat, love, and frustration to make it as real as possible go in to every piece of work created. Thank you for joining us in this journey.

Tim Harrison, award winning, master level costumer and fabricator, first dove in to props and costuming in August 2012. Always being a tinkerer, that quickly reignited the flame for creating and bringing fantasy to life. After a few years in the steampunk scene, he to branched out in 2016 and entered the Crown Championships at C2e2 and placed. Practical effects, sculpting, casting, foamsmithing, leatherworking, sewing and metal-work are just some of the skills brought to the table. In 2017, Harrison Designs and Concepts, or HDC, was founded and he hopes to further expand his convention and workshop presence in 2018.

Notable achievements include:
2016 Crown Championdhip of Cosplay 3rd place in video games category
2016 Anime Cenrtal Masquerade Best walk on, Best master, andthe Jason Jenson Memorial Award
2017 Works published in multiple Image Comics Motor Crush publications
2017 Hosting multiple workshops with Wizard World conventions
2018 Works published in Marvel Domino publication
2018 C2E2 cosplay center stage presentation as professional badge holder
2018 Indiana Comicon cosplay contest craftsmanship judge
2018 Anime Central Masquerade craftsmanship judge
2018 IndyPopCon cosplay contest craftsmanship judge
2018 Planet Funk official cosplay guest
2018 Project Ebon Blade member
2019 Ohayocon cosplay guest

Makers name: Harrison Designs and Concepts, Inc (HDC)

Din D’Jarin from the tv show The Mandalorian. Scratch made with multimedium fabrication techniques. Traditional patterning, tailoring, leatherwork, 3d printing, molding and casting, industry grade paints and applications, practical effects electronics, metal work.