Din D’Jarin from The Mandalorian

Harrison Designs and Concepts, Inc (HDC)

Award-winning, master craftsman Tim Harrison formally founded Harrison Designs and Concepts, or HDC, in 2018 to break the standard of traditional design and fabrication. The HDC leadership team (Tim, Marty Dubin, and Rory Sunderland) has over 30 years of experience making fantasy reality and the impossible possible. They specialize in crafting cinematic and hyper-realistic details in multi-medium props, costumes, and practical effects.

Their portfolio includes work for Amazon, Showtime, Blumhouse, Disney, Big Lots, Miller Lite, New Balance, Casey’s General Store, Pfizer, independent films, commercials, and more. The HDC team works together to pass on their love, knowledge, and passion for craftsmanship through educational panels and workshops for conventions and social media platforms.

Here at Harrison Designs and Concepts, we make fantasy a reality. The impossible, possible. The details needed to take that childhood dream and bring it into our world are what is truly loved with our craft along with sharing that passion through educational programming and hands-on workshops.

Be it for a commission for a fellow fan or a movie production, an extravagant piece of armor, or a small locket from a favorite game or series, the same amount of research, dedication, sweat, and love is applied to make the desired item as realistic as possible.

Thank you for joining us on this journey.

Our skill sets include

– Foamsmithing for armors and props
– Practical fx
– Mold making and casting
– Traditional and Digital
– Leather work
– Resin and FFF 3d printing
– Laser cutting and engraving
– High detail finishing work and more

Makers name: Harrison Designs and Concepts, Inc (HDC)

Din D’Jarin from the tv show The Mandalorian. Scratch made with multimedium fabrication techniques. Traditional patterning, tailoring, leatherwork, 3d printing, molding and casting, industry grade paints and applications, practical effects electronics, metal work.