Xie Yingluo from Thunderbolt Fantasy

Emily W. (Luna Lady of Light Cosplay)

I use my favorite Famore Cutlery Left Handed razor shears to cut fabrics. All sewing done on Viking sewing machines. All gold rolled hem edging done with Superior Threads metallic serger cones.

Xie Yingluo (pronounced She Ying Low) is a character from the Taiwanese Puppet show Thunderbolt Fantasy. This costume is a veritable feast of textures and the metallics and colors bring a dynamic punch to make it a visual spectacle. Built over the course of three months, this costume is entirely custom to match the proportions of the original source. We hope you enjoy the Princess of Cruelty.

The ball gown dress is self-patterned and constructed from matte satin with broadcloth details. The bodice is boned, lined, and laces up the back with a modesty panel. The overskirt is gathered with a scalloped hem. The hat is mainly matte satin, interfacing, and organza, with matte satin roses with a felt backing. The petticoats are a combination of broadcloth, scalloped and pleated, as well as tulle. I constructed a corset using canvas, matte satin, spiral steel boning, embroidery thread, and a steel busk. The undergarments are made from broadcloth with lace trimmings.