Hook from Captain Hook

Glenn Reyes

Glenn Reyes has been sewing for about 7 years. He is self-taught and learned to sew watching YouTube videos. He started out sewing historical costumes for the Renaissance Fair then moved on to cosplay. With cosplay, he learned to make realistic foam armors and utilize 3D printers to make costume accessories. He also has an embroidery machine for detail sewing which would otherwise take many hours to complete. He wears his cosplays at the many conventions such as Comicon, Anime conventions and Renaissance Fair at different states in the country. He has competed in the Crown Championship 4 years in a row and has competed in many cosplay costume contests.

Makers name: Glenn Reyes

The cosplay is inspired by the movie “Hook” 1991 directed by Steven Spielberg starring Dustin Hofmann as Captain Hook and Robin Williams as Peter Pan. The coat is made of red velvet with gold military trims. The baldric was made using an embroidery machine and the hook and Baldric Buckle was made using a 3D printer