In their own words: h+h americas 2023

Are you looking for some inspiration and motivation to grow your business, your skills and your network in the creative industry? If so, you don’t want to miss this amazing video series featuring 21 interviews from h+h americas 2023.

h+h americas is the leading trade show for the handmade sector in North America, where you can discover the latest trends, products and innovations in the fields of knitting, crochet, sewing, quilting, embroidery and more.

In this video series, you will hear from different professionals and experts who attended h+h americas 2023, and learn how they benefited from this unique event. You will hear from:

00:00-01:21 Yonca Ozbelli (Universal Yarn) & London Kaye (Desinger)
01:21-02:01 Adriana Baiocco (Circulo)
02:01-03:51 Debi Schmitz (Belagio Enterprises)
03:51-04:18 Brint Fanizza (Famore Cutlery)
04:18-05:28 two speakers Gaia Gualtieri & Ilaria Vacchetto (Main Street) – Italian
05:28-06:46 Marina Sampietro Claraco (Hilos Omega) – Spanish
06:46-07:32 CaroleStuart (Trailhead Yarns)
07:32-07:54 CaroleStuart (Trailhead Yarns) French
07:54-08:17 Selene Dubois (We Are Knitters)
08:17-09:26 Enis Hallacoglu (Alize Hand Knitting Yarn)
09:26-09:44 Tadashi Harada (Tulip Company Limited) Japanese
09:44-10:27 Audrey Moore (De Bondt B.V.)
10:27-11:48 Kathi Grupp (Handwearvers Guild of America)
11:48-13:07 Tamara Caldas (Neko Diane GmbH)
13:07-14:54 Tamara Caldas (Neko Diane GmbH) German
14:54-15:35 Leticia Marchioro & Antonio Gonzalez (Malabrigo Yarn)
15:35-16:45 Leticia Marchioro & Antonio Gonzalez (Malabrigo Yarn) Spanish
16:45-17:23 Nelson Salsa (Andover Fabrics)
17:23-18:09 John Larson (Clover Needlecraft Inc.)
18:09-19:01 Abigail Glassenberg (Craft Industry Alliance)
19:01- Katrin Schön. (h+h cologne)

These interviews will inspire you to invest in your business by learning new skills, discovering new products, finding new partners, and exploring new markets. They will also inspire you to invest in yourself by pursuing your passion, expressing your creativity, and connecting with like-minded people.

So don’t wait any longer. Watch these interviews today and mark your calendar for h+h americas May 1 – 3, 2024. It’s an event you don’t want to miss. It’s for YOU!

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