Key Features of h+h connect

h+h connect is the digital platform experience for h+h americas. h+h connect provides a totally virtual space for exhibitors and attendees to connect online and experience the show. While we encourage and greatly anticipate seeing our craft business partners and friends in person, h+h connect ensures greater accessibility and visibility for everyone in the crafting industry. It’s no longer a matter of should you attend h+h americas, but rather how you choose to participate. For those who can’t attend h+h americas in person for whatever reason, h+h connect offers the opportunity to take advantage of nearly all aspects of the in-person experience in a totally virtual format.

Today, we’d like to outline some of h+h connect’s key features that exhibitors and attendees can utilize to enrich their h+h americas’ experience. h+h connect should be considered a beneficial add-on to the conference experience for our in-person attendees. For those who can’t join us in person, it’s an invaluable means for accessing the h+h americas experience!

Craft Your Experience

In a previous post we talked a little bit about choosing how to attend h+h americas—in-person or virtually. The beauty of h+h connect lies in its ability to further customize your experience at h+h americas. You can tailor h+h americas so that it works for you!

Set meeting and session reminders, forge attendee to attendee connections, follow up on connections made in person, and so much more. Virtual attendees can use h+h connect to participate in sessions and Sofatalks, carve out their h+h americas calendar, and search for exhibitors that address their particular business needs. 

Make sure to create your own profile on h+h connect and list products so that other business owners can find you as well. For details on how to set up your profile, click the video linked below.

Network On and Offline

h+h connect allows exhibitors and attendees to schedule meetings, whether the meetings take place virtually or in person. Browse company profiles, perform searches for specific products (for example, perform a search for “linen” and h+h connect lists every business with linen at h+h americas!), and schedule one-on-one and group meetings with your business partners. The platform will host virtual meeting rooms and allow for instant video calls, as well as the ability to share contract details online.

To find out how to manage your calendar, watch the “Profile Settings and Manage Calendar” video here.

Attend Classes, Workshops, and Sessions

Attendees can use h+h connect to attend classes and watch sessions and Sofatalks. These include live streams, sessions and classes on demand, as well as a slate of surprise additions only accessible once h+h americas is live. Set calendar reminders and use the virtual calendar to schedule your time at the show so you don’t miss any important events. 

Smart AI System

h+h connect’s smart AI system can also automatically connect you with the businesses that best address your needs. In your personal h+h connect profile, you’ll find a navigation item called “Recommended for You.” Here, you’ll discover h+h connect’s matchmaking capabilities. 

h+h connect’s smart AI utilizes all the details entered into your profile to offer matchmaking suggestions. The smart AI will recommend potential connections that will be most beneficial to your business, with further options to request meetings, express interest in the match, or dismiss the suggestion. If you do decide to request a meeting, you can also add in additional suggested matches to create a group meeting. 

To learn more about h+h connect’s smart AI and matchmaking system, watch the video below.

Digital Aftershow

Log on to h+h connect on the Monday after h+h americas concludes to attend the Digital Aftershow! From June 27-July 1, the Digital Aftershow will host educational classes, post additional on-demand content, and offer more networking opportunities, like video-only one-on-one meetings and an “instant messaging” platform to encourage live conversations. 

The Digital Aftershow will also host all-new live sessions that will be free and open to all. Take a sneak peek at just a few of the Digital Aftershow sessions here

We hope you’re excited to attend h+h americas next week and that you’ll take advantage of h+h connect to enhance your experience at the show! To help get started, download a PDF guide to h+h connect here.