Art Nouveau Rose Quartz

Lori L. (Scissor Wizard Cosplay)

Hoop Skirt

  • The base of the costume is supported by an open cage, steel frame, hoop skirt in matte satin.
  • Made from a highly modified McCall pattern with custom made bias tape for the boning channels and ruffle layers to pad the skirt.
  • The vertical boning channels have snap closures to remove the bones for transport and storage.

Lower Skirt

  • The lower skirt is constructed in 6 layers.
  • The first layer is chiffon with a large horsehair braid encased in the hem to support the weight of the attached flowers and rhinestone leaf embellishments.
  • The second, fourth, and sixth layers are made from polyester bodre fabric and gradient dyed using polyester dye. Thin horsehair braid in the hem of these layers is also dyed to match the fabric. A light pink satin ribbon trims out the bottom of the layers.
  • Thousands of rhinestones in light amethyst and rose in sizes 16ss and 20ss were applied around the base of each layer to mimic the gradient of the fabric.
  • The third and fifth layer are custom drafted chiffon petticoats to support the weight of the fabric and rhinestones.
  • The first two layers are made using a modified McCalls pattern, but the other 4 layers are hand drafted.

Corset and Upper Skirt

  • The corset pattern, attached skirts, mesh shirt, and flowing sleeves are hand drafted. The understructure of the cups were recycled from a bra and the mesh sleeves utilizes a heavenly modified pattern.
  • The corset is made from three layers of corset mesh, alternating the grain of the fabric, to give extra strength. It is steel boned with smaller boning channels surrounding the open star shape in the center for extra support.
  • Dyed lace with ribbon loop attachments is sewn to the corset to create the under structure that supports the weight of the glass teardrop beads that frame the star cut-out and exposed midriff.
  • The fabric of the upper part of the corset is carefully draped so the pleats match up perfectly when transitioning from under bust to the cups.
  • The bodre fabric is also gradient dyed and embellished with rhinestones and flowers.
  • The upper skirt and petticoat is attached to the corset in the front but hangs free at the sides with an elastic band in the back to fully enclose when worn but also allow easy removal.
  • The hem of the powermesh shirt is encased into the upper bias of the corset. The material is lightly tinted with poly dye to better match the corset mesh. -There are hidden fasteners sewn into the folds of the draped sleeves to support the swags of glass beads, it also allows for easy removal during washing and storage.


  • The crown is made from dyed plastic pearls for the arch and matching flowers filling in the lower part. The vines are embellished with plastic leaf rhinestones and real strings of pear are woven along the lower part.
  • The shoes are satin flats, gradient dyed and embellished to match the skirt.
  • The gem that is the focal point of the bodice was hand sculpted, to make sure the shape fit the cut out on the corset, a mold was made and then it was cast in resin in stages. Magnates were sunk into the resin during the last few resin pours. A felt patch with magnets was sewn to the back of the corset to allow for easy removal of the gem. A hand bead trim incircles the gem.


  • The wig consists of two wigs and a half a pack of wefts. They were also gradient dyed, sewn together, and then styled.

Bernina Sewing Machine: Model 330 Bernina Serger: Model 1100DA Madam Sew: Bernina shank adapter, ruffle foot, and open toe foot Schmetz needles

To mimic the ethereal look of the art nouveau design for Rose Quartz, a flowing bodre fabric was selected. Multiple structural techniques, including an open cage hoop skirt, petticoats in between layers and custom drafted corset were utilized to support the structure of the design– especially under the weight of the flower embellishments and thousands of hand placed rhinestones. Elements from the beads adorning the crown, to the wig, down to the shoes, and including every layer of the bodre fabric have been gradient dyed. The design consists of 9 separate layers and when twirling the skirt flutters out like rose petals.