Link (Hylain Set)

Madison L. (Maddog)

The costume features a wild range of techniques including textile-making, real chainmail, embroidery and appliques, fabric painting, and foamsmithing. It is built up in layers and finished off with realistic weathering.

Piece Details:

The sweater features hand-made pintucks to create my own ribbed textile. The gloves are self patterned with 16 hand-embroidered appliques. The tunic features dyed bias tape with mitered corners and a crisp painted design. EVA foam was textured and painted to mimic leather armor. This costume is already nearly complete – there are just a few elements I will add and improve on. For example, a cloak that features appliques and satin stitching.

Singer – Nearly all of the sewing for this costume was done on my Singer Heavy Duty machine with Singer parts (like needles) and notions (like pins).

Bernina – I am using the Yaya Han Sewing/Embroidery b79 machine and notions for the rest of the sewing work.

Brewer – DMC embroidery floss, Heat n Bond fusible interfacing, Pellon stabilizer, Fiskars cutting mat, Fiskars fabric scissors and snips, Wrights bias tape, Rit Dye, Coats and Clark Dual Duty threads, grommets

This cosplay took over 600hrs to make and features a wide-range of techniques including patterning, textile making, embroidery, foamsmithing, and fabric painting. The chainmail tunic alone took 175hrs and was hand-weaved with real metal rings. EVA foam was textured and painted to look like leather – and is in fact the same material used to make the sword. To finish it all off, the costume was weathered with paint and real dirt to feel like this knight has truly been adventuring in the wild.