Market Trends Unveiled: Consumer Insights from h+h americas Day Three

Welcome to our latest blog post where we dive into the inspiring and informative highlights from the third day of h+h americas, a premier event that connects the global crafting and hobby industries. Hosted by Darrin Stern, the show director for h+h americas and Vice President at Koelnmesse Inc., the event featured groundbreaking ideas, innovative products, and motivational stories from industry leaders. Keep reading to uncover the valuable insights shared by our speakers.

Consumer Research Studies: An In-Depth Look

Quilting Trends Presentation by Mark Hyland Mark Hyland, CEO of Handi Quilter, opened the detailed presentations with insights from a large-scale consumer research study on quilting trends. Here are some key takeaways:

  • Profile of the Average Quilter: The typical quilter is a retired female in her early 60s. Many quilters transition from sewing to quilting, often starting their first project in their late 30s and increasing their activity in their late 40s and 50s.
  • Shopping and Spending Habits: Local quilt shops remained a preferred choice for buying fabrics, although e-commerce had a notable presence for acquiring other quilting supplies. Interestingly, there is a trend of quilters using their fabric stash more frequently and creating smaller projects.
  • Community and Support: Quilting is deeply rooted in community, with many quilters valuing friendship, family, and giving back through their crafts. Support systems, such as local quilt shops and industry resources, play a crucial role in maintaining this community spirit. Mark also discussed the methods used to gather this data, such as working with industry partners and validating data through unbiased processes, ensuring its reliability and depth.

Yarn Trends Presentation by Jan Hurwitz

Jan Hurwitz from Berroco followed with an insightful presentation on trends within the yarn industry, backed by data collected in collaboration with multiple industry partners. Key highlights included:

  • Demographics and Spending Habits: The average yarn consumer shares similarities with quilters, skewing towards an older, retired demographic with significant purchasing power. However, younger makers also show strong engagement, especially online.
  • Project Preferences: There is a notable preference for clothing and accessories, followed by home decor projects. Encouragingly, a substantial number of makers engage in both knitting and crochet.
  • Shopping Behavior: While online shopping continues to trend upward, many consumers still value the in-person experience offered by local yarn stores. The community aspect of crafting is crucial, with many makers seeking out spaces for social interaction, learning, and inspiration. Jan also touched on the importance of social media and online platforms like Ravelry, Instagram, and YouTube, which serve as primary sources of inspiration for many makers.

Q&A and Audience Interaction

Both presentations concluded with engaging Q&A sessions, allowing attendees to delve deeper into specific topics, such as the preference for online vs. in-person shopping, the importance of community support, and the influence of social media on crafting trends.

Conclusion and Farewell: To wrap up the day’s insights, Darrin Stern expressed his gratitude to all attendees and speakers, encouraging everyone to take these valuable lessons into their own creative and business endeavors. He also urged listeners to subscribe to h+h Connect on their favorite podcast platform to stay updated with more trends, tips, and success stories from industry leaders. Thank you for joining us on this exploration of the vibrant world of crafting and hobby industries. Stay tuned for more episodes and blog posts as we continue to bring you closer to the heart of creativity and business innovation. Until next time, this is Darrin Stern, wishing you endless creativity and success! Stay inspired and keep crafting!