h+h americas® (HHA) is the premier annual event for anyone who makes their living through crafts. Companies should employ diverse strategies to maximize their presence at this expansive gathering.

A pivotal and proven tactic for exceptional results is sponsorship. In 2023, exhibitors leveraging HHA sponsorship and advertising opportunities experienced a remarkable increase in leads compared to non-sponsoring companies.

Delve into the reasons sponsors thrive at HHA, examining the benefits and statistics showcasing the impact of sponsorship on participating businesses.

  1. Elevated Visibility: Sponsors excel at the h+h americas show due to the heightened visibility they receive. Prominent recognition and branding throughout the event capture the attention of attendees and potential customers, ensuring an immediate and lasting impression.
  2. Credibility & Trust: HHA sponsorship imparts a sense of credibility and trust to your brand. It signals to attendees that your company is a significant player in the industry willing to invest in a high-profile presence at the event, fostering meaningful interactions and partnerships.
  3. Networking Opportunities: Sponsors gain access to exclusive networking events, facilitating connections with potential customers, partners, and industry influencers. These opportunities prove invaluable for expanding business networks and forging meaningful relationships.
  4. Targeted Advertising: Sponsors benefit from targeted advertising opportunities within the HHA event. Through VIP Areas, Lounges, and Public areas, sponsors can reach their ideal audience, generating leads more effectively by engaging niche audiences within the community of people who make a living through crafts.
  5. Special Promotions: Sponsors enjoy the privilege of running special promotions and product launches during the event. This creates buzz and excitement around their offerings, attracting attendees eager to be the first to witness the latest industry developments.

In an industry characterized by fierce competition and a demand for creativity, HHA sponsors gain a distinct advantage. By investing in sponsorship and capitalizing on unique opportunities, companies make a significant impact at the h+h americas show and establish a stronger foothold in the industry. It’s evident that sponsors thrive at HHA, and businesses aiming for excellence in this dynamic field should view sponsorship as a pivotal strategy for success.