Taylor Swift Tour Gown


I have been crocheting since 2012 and crocheting full costumes since 2014. I’m self taught and passionate about encouraging cosplayers to create costumes in their own style whether that includes crochet or not. I teach online and in person, patterns and tutorials can be found on my YouTube channel and website. In addition to sharing my decade plus knowledge of crochet cosplaying online, it is important to me to share tips to make your crochet and knitting experience more ergonomic. This includes stretch tutorials and reviews of materials that can support you. I believe proper hand care is just as important to learn alongside the craft of crochet itself!

Makers name: Scarlet Stitch Studios

This cosplay is a crochet interpretation of a gown Taylor Swift wore during her Fearless tour performance of Love Story. Featuring lace detailing, rhinestones, ribbon, and bead embellishments on top of the hand stitched base, this is my most intricate piece to date.