• Artistic Experiences at h+h americas 2024

    At its core, h+h americas is a celebration of artists, makers, crafters, and creators. Our mission is to unite the crafts industry to enable businesses, content creators, entrepreneurs, and crafters to network and forge lasting relationships. We also want to invigorate our community, so we’ve developed a range of artistic experiences at h+h americas [...]

  • Unraveling Creativity: Alanna Wilcox’s Journey Through Fiber Arts and AI Innovation

    Your Content Goes Here Dive into the vibrant world of fiber arts with Alanna Wilcox on this week's h+h Connect. From the playgrounds of Brooklyn to the forefront of textile innovation, Alana shares her journey through the colorful threads of life. Discover how a childhood fascination with untangling knots blossomed into a profound [...]

  • Main Stage Events, Keynotes, and Meetups at h+h americas 2024

    h+h americas 2024 offers even more opportunities for networking, connections, education, and business growth than in previous years. This year’s show includes an all-star lineup of industry leaders hosting events on the main stage—all of which remain free for attendees! The main stage will include opportunities for learning on a range of topics, including [...]

  • Masterclasses + Business Classes at h+h americas 2024

    h+h americas 2024 includes so many incredible resources for brands, creators, and businesses to expand their skill sets. Our lineup features some of the best minds in the craft industry to furnish h+h americas’ attendees with educational opportunities around marketing, online selling, content creation, creative collaborations, and more.  h+h americas 2024 includes both a [...]

  • Every customer counts – Cosplay

    Your Content Goes Here In the bustling world of retail, where every customer counts and every sale is a step towards success, there lies an untapped realm brimming with potential: the vibrant universe of cosplay. It is a world where imagination reigns supreme, and the boundary between fiction and reality blurs into an [...]

  • Speaker Introductions

    Your Content Goes Here The h+h americas team is excited to announce that we will be speaking at the upcoming h+h americas 2024 trade show! In this video, we will be giving you a sneak peek at what you can expect from our presentation. We will also be sharing some of our [...]

  • Explore the Content Creator Summit + Learning Lab

    The opportunities at h+h americas 2024 focus on establishing deeper connections with the crafts community and learning more about the innovative products and services available from craft brands, retailers, businesses, and entrepreneurs. For 2024, we’re encouraging attendees to arrive earlier than usual—on April 30, 2024. A quick look at the program overview should communicate [...]

  • Sample It at h+h americas 2024

    There are so many reasons to come to h+h americas 2024 a day early. New programmatic elements like Product Academy, the Content Creator Summit, Masterclasses, and Sample It now ALL occur on Tuesday, April 30, 2024. If you’re arriving on May 1, you’re missing huge opportunities to enrich and expand your business at h+h [...]

  • Product Academy at h+h americas 2024

    As mentioned in our program update, we’ve added an additional day of programming for h+h americas 2024. We’re encouraging attendees to arrive earlier than in previous years. Instead of arriving on May 1, prepare to arrive on Tuesday, April 30, 2024, for a full day of activities. Tickets are now available for h+h americas [...]

  • 2024 Event Schedule

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