The Glenda Dress

Madelinetosh | 214

Designer: Louis “Brooklyn Boy Knits” Boria


The Glenda Dress got its inspiration from the classic movie, “The Wizard of Oz”. Glenda the Good Witch happened to be Louis’ favorite character in the movie. Louis wanted to give Glenda a more modern look but keeping her as fairytale like and magical as the classic Glenda.

The main body of the dress for this modern day Glenda was knitted using Madelinetosh. The bodice was knitted using Tosh Silk Merino and Tosh Impression mohair held together, and the sleeves and bottom of the dress were triple stranded using Tosh Impression mohair. Louis knew he needed to add an element that would separate this modern day Glenda to the classic Glenda. That was when he decided to incorporate the I-cord design you see running throughout the body of the dress. This I-cord detail was made using Tosh Pashmina. All three yarn bases are in colorway Copper Pink Solid.

But Louis didn’t stop there… he knew he needed to make this magical and give her the sparkle she needed. Louis attached over 400 tiny rose colored rhinestones throughout the dress that would be sure to make her glitter. The separate skirt that is underneath the main body was hand sewn using tulle and fabric.