h+h americas: May 1 – 3, 2024 | #hhamericas
Rosemont, IL | USA
h+h americas: May 1 – 3, 2024 | #hhamericas
Chicago, IL @ Donald E. Stephens Convention & Conference Center in Rosemont


URTH YARNS | 215 Designer: Yigitcan Vatansever Description: Blowing from the deserts of Northern Africa and the Arabian Peninsula, Simoom winds can reach Anatolia, bringing hot, dry, dusty weather. It plays with sand and shapes the dunes into sand waves. This V-shaped, reversible shawl represents “the Simoom wind” and its aesthetical creations; dunes [...]

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Crosshatch Cardigan

URTH YARNS | 215 Designer: Nina Holubcova Description: Three variations on 2-color Brioche Stitch create graphic textures in a reversible cardigan with a relaxed silhouette. Website:https://urthyarns.com/crosshatch-cardigan-kit

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The Chore Coat: “Toile de Chine”

Oliso | 517 Designer: Michele Muska Description: Many occupations in France had their own type of coat depending on their job. The chore coat was meant to protect your clothing while you worked. This midi length coat is adored with vintage hand pieced log cabin quilt blocks from the 1940's, hand stitching, and [...]

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Collaboration is Key!

My Two Ladies Knitting | Virtual Designer: Alexis Mantione/Rosann Fleishchauer Description: Collaboration is the key to success for independent and smaller businesses. My Two Ladies Knitting is not a designer, rather a manufacturer of patented tools. Can't display a mannequin with tools, so I decided to dress my display with a few of [...]

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The Glenda Dress

Madelinetosh | 214 Designer: Louis “Brooklyn Boy Knits” Boria Description: The Glenda Dress got its inspiration from the classic movie, “The Wizard of Oz”. Glenda the Good Witch happened to be Louis’ favorite character in the movie. Louis wanted to give Glenda a more modern look but keeping her as fairytale like and [...]

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Like a Bird Cardigan

Loopy Mango | 401 Designer: Loopy Mango Description: This cardigan is a very beginner friendly project using only knit stitch. Fringe is attached at the end. It is knitted with Loopy Mango Dream yarn - 100% merino wool, worsted weight. Website:http://loopymango.com

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Cozy Coastal Knits 2

First Byte Designs | 1212 Designer: Rosann Fleischauer Description: When you have those few precious moments to yourself to relax and regroup, spend them knitting a new classic featuring the incredible range of yarns available from Universal Yarn. Whether you choose a classic worsted wool, a deliciously light weight blend of cashmere and [...]

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