Flare Hem Dress – Whoopee

Circulo S.A | 409

Designer: Luciana Panza


The power of the handmade enhances feminine beauty!

Flare Hem Dress is a piece full of personality that carries not only art but also originality that only handmade pieces offer. The dress features an amazing flare-style hemline that makes it stunning.

The creation has remarkable shaping that enhances the feminine beauty. Although the biggest highlight is revealed in a combination of tones, which gives life to an incredible color effect on the dress. This color blend effect can be Create your own automated PDFs with found in just one cake shaped yarn: Whoopee!

Composed of virgin and mercerized cotton from Brazil, Whoopee gives a show of quality, taking creativity to every detail. In addition, it has 14 available, modern, and surprising colors.

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Website: https://www.circuloyarns.com/whoopee