Have you logged on to h+h connect?

Did you know it’s free, regardless of whether or not you’ve attended h+h americas?

We created h+h connect to provide a cohesive online experience for craft industry members to connect, collaborate, and access content and information from the h+h americas trade shows. 

Right now, you can sign up for h+h connect and access FREE content from both h+h americas 2022 and h+h americas 2023. 

Create an h+h connect profile now so that others in the crafting industry can find and connect with you. Search for exhibitors, reach out to brand representatives, browse products, and request online meetings with other h+h connect profiles. You can send friend requests, and if you attended the show in person, any friends you made on site will be available on the hub. Remember to update your profile with contact information so others can find and contact you—most h+h connect profiles include email addresses and/or telephone numbers for ease of connectivity.

h+h connect profiles are powered by a smart AI system that seeks to link users based on shared interests. Creating an information-rich profile enables easier connectivity with similar users in the industry. h+h connect users can tailor their profiles to include specific products, countries of interest for product sourcing, and more. It’s also easy to see if an h+h connect user has buying authority, and whether they are a retailer, content creator, manufacturer, or other type of industry member.  

h+h connect also offers a growing database of on-demand content from this year and last year’s show. We’re currently working to update h+h connect so that all free classes and main stage and SofaTalk sessions will be accessible on the platform. 

Right now, h+h connect users can access content such as last year’s session with Jill Wolcott about Why Inclusive Sizing Matters, Cecilia Nelson-Hurt and Jewell Washington’s discussion on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Fiber World, Sandra Chandler’s class on How to Cut a Pattern with Cricut, Vickie Howell’s discussion on Indie Magazine Publishing, Elizabeth Townsend Gard’s hands-on course about Trademark Registration Basics, and so much more. There are currently 20 on-demand content pieces from 2022 ranging from keynote speeches to classes to panel discussions, all available for free.

Inclusive Sizing Jill Wolcott

For h+h americas 2023, h+h connect users can now watch the 10 Top Trends You Might Have Missed at h+h americas 2023, 7 Hot Crafting Trends in 2023, the keynote session with Justine Tiu, co-founder of The Woobles, the h+h americas 2023 Aftershow Review, and more. We’re in the process of bolstering the platform with more content from the 2023 show—stay tuned for updates as we roll them out.  

Justine Tiu the Woobles

Log on to h+h connect now to begin connecting with your cohorts in the crafting industry. And don’t forget to mark the calendar for May 1-3, 2024 for h+h americas 2024.