The first h+h americas provided a feast for the senses. Attendees found gorgeous fabrics, fibers and tools around every corner. North America has never before had an opportunity to gather hundreds of international brands under one roof, and we’re still feeling the repercussions of the melting pot of crafts h+h americas created. We think we’ll be benefitting from many cross pollinations within the industry for years to come. We honestly can’t wait for next year!

One of the most exciting aspects of h+h americas was discovering all the fantastic advancements in fabrics and technology geared towards quilters, sewers, and textile artists. 

There was so much exciting new tech and innovative design that the American market has never seen before. Or, in some cases, the tech was here, but so many people in our industry remained unaware about it before the show. That’s the beauty of h+h americas. As members of the crafting industry, by attending and exhibiting you’re helping us uncover and shine a light on advancements we might now know about otherwise.

Stenzo Textiles’ fabulous one-panel dress commanded everyone’s attention at the show. People flocked to the Stenzo booth to ogle it, and it was one of the show’s biggest conversation starters.

The Stenzo one-panel dress design is totally new to the American market. And what a boon it is for sewers everywhere! Despite appearing multi-patterned and multihued, the Stenzo dress is composed of a single panel. It makes short work of sewing a polished dress that appears far more difficult to achieve than it actually is. Watch the video below to see it and learn more about it.


Stenzo gave us a look at some of the other panels they had on display that could be made into t-shirts. We really think Stenzo’s fabric panels are going to huge for the U.S. market. 

Stenzo Panels

One of the biggest textile wholesalers from the Netherlands, Quality Textiles came to h+h americas this year with an enormous booth of stunning, European-produced fabrics. It’s easy to see that they live up to their name! Catch a sneak peek at some of their fabrics below:

Quality Textiles

The Japanese-style of Sashiko embroidery continues to gain popularity among crafters, so businesses like Orimono Imports felt h+h americas provided a wonderful opportunity to increase their brand’s visibility. They plan on returning next year with an even bigger booth!

Orimono Imports

In terms of tech, everyone should feel excited for the Oliso ProPlus. The first smart iron in the world, the Oliso ProPlus is ergonomic and offers safety features unlike any other iron. Touch the handle and it automatically lowers onto the fabric. Let go, and it rises up again—no more accidentally burning fabrics or lifting a heavy iron! Learn more about it below:

Oliso iron

Another exciting piece of text for sewers, quilters, and really crafters of every stripe came from Vivilux. Crafters don’t stop making when the sun goes down—in fact, many crafters don’t even start crafting until after work and the kids are in bed, when they finally have free time. 

Viviilux brought their fantastic headlamp to the show, and we just know every bespectacled crafter will want to get their hands on one. It brightens up your crafting in the most ingenious way. See it in action below:



We hope you’re as excited as we are for the future of fabric. h+h americas introduced us to incredible international brands and exciting new technologies geared towards crafters. We know next year will offer even more innovation. If you’re a craft business with a novel product to offer the industry, we hope you’ll mark your calendar for June 2023 to attend h+h americas.